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Case Studies

Three case studies are given below of work we have performed in the past:

Performance | Architecture & Software | Architecture

Case Study: Performance

A short (12 day) performance investigation for a financial (credit card) web site. The design oriented performance investigation included performance modelling, performance metric identification, user modelling and data capture. The multi tier, J2EE based web application was required to allow up to 5000 simultaneous users out of a user population of 4 million users.

Case Study: Architecture & Software

Technical architecture design and development, over a 6 month period, for an internet based vehicle check application, with 16,000+ trade customers. Design and development for the struts based presentation layer within the multi tier solution.

Expertise used included Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Java, JDK 1.3, Forte for Java, JSP, UML, Together J, html, javascript, Apache struts, EJBs, Websphere Application Server, SQL, DB2, XML, XSL, Tomcat, CVS. Also UML design of a history project (i.e. transaction viewer), within the same architecture.

Case Study: Architecture

Architecture design, over a six month period, of a 5 tier system for J2EE based insurance application and a Financial Fund purchasing system (Unit Trusts, ISAs, Pensions, etc.) including accessing EMX (FIX), incorporating EJBs and Legacy Application access using XML.

Expertise used included JBuilder 4, JDK 1.3, JRun, UML (TogetherJ and Rational Rose), J2EE, JSSE (SSL), EJBs, servlets, JSP, XML, DHTML, JavaScript.

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