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Performance Investigation: Testing

Determine how well your system is performing under differing loads ...

Introduction | What is involved?


Performance testing not only identifies when response times are slow, but also identifies when saturation takes place, as well as how loaded the resources are.

Performance testing should be applied throughout the development cycle, as well as during system operation. This strategy allows for changes that place outside the development system or that have nothing to do with the developed code. Not only can a different ISP affect the performance of the system, but the underlying network drivers may change, a new database system may be installed, etc.

The system load is also likely to change, as well as the pattern of usage made by users; if these changes are not accounted for, then the system could start to overload without any warning.

Performance testing, in a nutshell, warns when the system is reaching its limits and needs to be optimised, scaled up or redeveloped.

What is involved in performance testing?

The following performance testing methodology is used:

  1. define the scope and objectives
  2. analyse the current system, to discover where the resources and time are being used
  3. prioritise the areas for testing based on the cost of testing and the accuracy/availability of testing tools
  4. implement automated tests, to allow for simple repetition
  5. examine tests results to determine resource loads and/or response times
  6. recommend strategies for reducing load/response time, when necessary

Steps 4 onwards should be repeated at regular intervals to monitor changes in the system load/response time. This can be achieved using a performance monitoring service; which we can provide.

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