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Press Release August, 2002

Sheffield-based firm predicts a good future for website performance

in The Star (Sheffield) Sept 2, 2002

There is no longer any need to look into a crystal ball to predict the performance of your website. With the help of Business Link South Yorkshire, Sheffield-based Stratton and English Software Ltd is launching a new generation of consultancy services around website performance prediction, optimisation and testing. The firm is one of very few in the world offering this service to event organisers and businesses to ensure that website performance meets public demand.

“For example, earlier this year the Government published the 1901 census on the Internet,” says Andy Stratton, Managing Director of Stratton and English Software Ltd. “Millions of people tried to log on to the website and within hours of the launch the site crashed and was declared unready. Six months on we are still waiting to look up our ancestors on the web.

“With our software and expertise this problem need not have occurred. We have helped international companies with similar problems in the past and are confident that we could have improved the current situation.”

The failure of websites to meet unforeseen demand is becoming common as more and more people connect to the Internet. Recent examples of demand outstripping performance include the Cricket World Cup 2003 site. Booking tickets was difficult, with the site continually crashing and very slow response times. According to media reports the site only managed to process 12 orders in the first hour.

“For consumers this can be frustrating,” says David Patterson, Business Adviser with Business Link South Yorkshire. “And for businesses organising events and tournaments it can be fatal.

“Stratton and English have an excellent service to offer with comprehensive website performance investigations to enable businesses to model their sites using performance predictions to meet likely demand.

“The ICT and Creative Team here at Business Link South Yorkshire are assisting Andy Stratton to research new markets and plan for future business growth.”

Andy Stratton has worked with several ‘blue chip’ companies in e-commerce development and performance investigation since 1998 and first contacted Business Link South Yorkshire just two months ago.

“I called 0800 073 7474 and asked for help with moving this new project forward,” Andy continues. “The team at Business Link South Yorkshire have given invaluable assistance in getting the new consultancy service up and running.”


Notes to Editors

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* A photo of Andy Stratton of Stratton and English (left) and David Patterson, Business Adviser with Business Link South Yorkshire (right) is available on request

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